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He was also nominated in "Best Entertainment Performance" for QI and "Best Factual Series" for Secret Life of the Manic Depressive at the 2007 British Academy Television Awards. That same year, Broadcast magazine listed Fry at number four… Juan Diego's town of origin, place of residence at the date of the apparitions, and the name of his wife are given at pages 1 and 2 of the 6th (Mexican) edition. Yitang "Tom" Zhang (Chinese: 张益唐; pinyin: Zhāng Yìtáng) (born 1955) is a Chinese-born American mathematician working in the area of number theory. Many of the legends recounting Hanuman's bravery and innovative ability are found in the Sinhala versions. The stories in which the characters are involved have Buddhist themes, and lack the embedded ethics and values structure according to… | b1 = | b2 = | b3 = | b4 = | b5 = | b6